Wow! What a fabulous time it was being away from the all too familiar atmosphere and the geographical settings of our beautiful Zimbabwe. It has been a wonderful time and experience for me at both an individual and professional level to be in Barcelona (Spain) for the Mobile World Congress 2014.

Mobile World Congress proved to be the place to meet for all tech-enthusiasts and those that are interested in all things mobile. Being there was simply the best eye opener one could ever ask for in this industry, as most insights and concepts gave me a different view and understanding of things. Meeting up with the tech industries leading men and women from all over the globe proved to be the best thing I needed to start up my crawling stages of this year in a highly positive note.

At this well esteemed event, Mark Zuckenberg was the keynote speaker and most device manufactures used it as a launch pad for their new product offerings. Some of the wonderful gadgets that were unveiled at the congress were phones, tablets and smart watches.Of particular mention that caught my attention was Samsung's Galaxy S5, as well as their Galaxy Gear Watch. Even more awe inspiring was the $25 Mozilla/Firefox phone, that looks to revolutionise the market. This device, if actually launched will be a real game changer,me thinks. Not to be outdone Nokia have proven that hell can freeze over... Well, almost. They've gone and released an android range of devices, the Nokia X, X+ and XL. Had a feel of them and I must say they look 'smartphonish' for your average guy, though they do smell of "Asha' all over the OS.

It was a great place to network, share ideas with like-minded people, and to import advanced technology to the ever tech-savvy nation of Zimbabwe.   Mind you, having gone there with an eye for solutions that were African/emerging markets specific I sure was not disappointed!. All the more so to find out that businesses are eager to venture into these markets. It’s scary how fast technology is changing the way we communicate. I just hope we don’t get left behind.

Did you attend Mobile World Congress? Did you follow #MWC14 in the news or on Facebook or Twitter? What was it that made the event remarkable for you?

I did get a little sick however, my stomach is not used to octopus but lucky me I got to leave with a lot of freebies.  Until next year!

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