Every entertainment tabloid you can lay your eyes on right now is amassed with news from the just ended Arts Festival in Zimbabwe which is popularly known as the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA).

According to the media, it was the place to be. One couldn't have missed it for the anything. But unfortunately some of the guys who were meant to be there DID miss it.

Zimbabwe on Sunday deported popular music group Freshly Ground who were due to stage the closing performance at HIFA.

The group, which is made up of South Africans, Zimbabweans and Mozambicans was turned away at the Harare International Airport soon after their flight touch-down from Johannesburg.


I know the feeling of when you are about to get on a show and you feel its going to be massive. Truth is, you just can't wait to get ahold of that mic. Freshly Ground, i am sure, had come with all eagerness to perform at its level best for the entertainment-hungry crowd that was at the Telecel Main Stage with so much expectancy in them. But it was so unfortunate the candy had to be taken away from their mouths. Sad really...

As you know everyone would want to do a post-mortem as to how and why such events took place. And trust me, everyone has something to say. But most have come to conclusions that a certain song that they sang about the President of Zimbabwe Cde R.G Mugabe called Freshly Ground and ZANEWS - Chicken to change was the main and root cause of this whole episode.

If it is, I believe we could have given them a platform to apologize at HIFA. We have on several occasions done so for others but why not them? I wonder.

Contrary however to the crowd's belief, these artistes had been cleared beforehand by the government (well so i heard).

Freshly Ground did say something however: A press release on facebook and a few tweets where some of them went like this:

"Just back in Cape Town ... Sorry to have missed performing at one of the best festivals in Africa. Love to our people in Zim #AfricaForever

".... We were sorry not to play at one of the best festivals in the world to one of our strongest fanbases xo Zim"

This is my dear Zimbos caused a huge dent on HIFAs credibility.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it was fair to have Freshly Ground deported?

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